Cookie Diet Plan-like a Childhood Dream Come True

The most difficult part for a dieter to stay in dieting circle would be lack of hunger management and craving for sweets. The concept of Cookie Diet Plan is to serve cookies to cutoff sweet craving and to keep off hunger. Cookies served in this diet are not regular cookies. They are specially prepared to suppress the hunger. It contains no preservatives or other artificial ingredients. They are palatable to eat. They contain fiber, protein (in form of amino acid) and other ingredients acting to slow down the digestion process. This will make the dieter feel full for a long time.

Cookie Diet Plan goes like replacing breakfast, lunch and snacks with diet cookies. 500 calories of cookies can be consumed in a day. This means dieter could eat 2 for breakfast, 2 for lunch and 1 more for snack. Complete nourishing meal is recommended for dinner. Dieter should eat lean protein food with fresh vegetable (either raw or steam cooked). Sea-foods, chicken and turkey breast, egg yolk, lean beef, beans and low-fat dairy are some examples of lean protein foods. Dinner meal can contribute from 300 to 1000 calories depending on the dieter’s gender, BMI and physical activity range.

Exercise is not made as compulsion in Cookie Diet Plan but is encouraged to enjoy the complete goodness benefits. Dieter can lose up to 15pounds in a month’s time. After achieving the targeted weight loss it is recommended to involve in regular physical activity. Otherwise, it would lead to risk of regaining lost weight. Good choice of food even after dieting period is necessary.