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Know Ancient China

Ancient China is considered to be one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Great care has been taken to preserve the history from this period of time. One of the most notable reminders of it is the Great Wall of China. It is more than 4,000 miles long and was established to prevent China from being taken over by opposing forces. This worked very well and many say without that wall in place China would have been taken over and the heritage of it lost.

A great deal of what we know about Ancient China comes from written materials during those times. From them we have learned about the culture, the clothing, the people, and even about the Emperors that ruled the lands. The literature from the Ancient China period is still highly regarded all over the world today. The authors of such work were very much respected during their legacy.

Many of the stories and myths of China were said to have developed in this period of time as well. Ancient China was the basis for these stories but they are written in such a way that they can be applied to any period of time. The characters offer amazing stories that have valuable lessons in them. They are often passed down from one generation to the next in an effort to ensure they are never forgotten.

The significance of dragons as symbols of China started in this Ancient period as well. The dragon is still a strong symbol of faith, power, strength, and even freedom in China. This is why you will see it in various types of art and even in the many celebrations that the people engage in today. The art work of Ancient China tells us stories that we don’t have to visualize only in our minds as well.

It is from the Ancient China period that Buddhist became so prominent in the area. It continues to be a very detailed part of the history and the religion of the people of China today. Immaculate temples for worship were built and many of them have become historical landmarks even in their ruins for people to visit today. There are huge sculptures found in China to represent this as well.


Sugar is the #1 Junk Food!

A surprising number of health professionals consider refined sugar, also known as table sugar, as poison. When you discover all of the adverse effects sugar has on your health, it’s hard to disagree.


  • Refined sugar can contribute to arthritis
  • Refined sugar can cause gallstones
  • Refined sugar can lead to hemorrhoids
  • Refined sugar can contribute to varicose veins
  • Refined sugar can contribute to osteoporosis

Has no nutrition value!

  • Refined sugar can lower the amount of Vitamin E (alpha-Tocopherol in the blood
  • Refined sugar can decrease growth hormone
  • Refined sugar can increase the systolic blood pressure
  • Refined sugar can cause drowsiness and decreased activity in children
  • Refined sugar can interfere with the absorption of protein
  • Refined sugar can contribute to eczema in children
  • Refined sugar can make your skin age by changing the structure of collagen
  • Refined sugar can affect liver health and may increase the amount of liver fat
  • Refined sugar can affect kidney health
  • Refined sugar can damage the pancreas
  • Refined sugar can contribute to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Refined sugar can compromise the lining of the capillaries
  • Refined sugar can make the tendons more brittle
  • Refined sugar can cause headaches, including migraine


A surprising number of health professionals consider refined sugar, also known as table sugar, as poison When you discover all of the adverse effects sugar has on your health, it’s hard to disagree. First, you should understand what refined sugar is and how it is processed

Sugar refining is the process of extracting sugar (sucrose) out of plants, primarily sugar cane and sugar beets. The refining process involves repeatedly washing, boiling, centrifuging, filtering and drying the plant pulp until only the raw sugar remains

Raw sugar is 95% sucrose

But that’s just the beginning The white table sugar you’re most familiar with undergoes further processing To produce those white crystals bleaching agents and carbon dioxide are added There’s more The sugar is added to water and filtered again to purify and whiten it even more

The completely refined white sugar product is now over 999% sucrose and has no nutritional value – no vitamins, no minerals, no proteins, no fibers That’s why they refer to sugar as having “empty calories” The bottom line
– sugar is pure “junk food” 3weeksdiet.gdn

But there’s more to it Sugar can make you fat Sugar can make you sick And in some cases, sugar can end up killing you. Dropping weight by taking supplements can reverse these. bestdietpills.top

Here is a list of just some of the adverse health effects of refined sugar based on a vast array of scientific studies conducted over many years:

Refined sugar can increase triglycerides (high levels of triglycerides in the bloodstream have been linked to hardening of the arteries, thus increasing your risk of heart disease and stroke source: niacinmaxreview,net

More health problems!

  1. Refined sugar plays a role in pancreatic cancer in women
  2. Refined sugar can adversely affect school children’s grades and cause learning disorders
  3. Refined sugar can cause depression
  4. Refined sugar increases the risk of gastric cancer
  5. Refined sugar can increase your risk of getting gout
  6. Refined sugar can cause less effective functioning of two blood proteins, albumin, and lipoproteins, which may reduce the body’s ability to handle fat and cholesterol
  7. Refined sugar can contribute to Alzheimer’s disease
  8. Refined sugar can cause blood platelet adhesiveness
  9. Refined sugar can cause hormonal imbalance; some hormones become underactive and others become overactive
  10. Refined sugar can lead to the formation of kidney stones
  11. Refined sugar can exacerbate PMS
  12. Refined sugar can worsen the symptoms of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  13. Refined sugar can cause low birth weight babies
  14. Sweet food items increase the risk of breast cancer
  15. Refined sugar is a risk factor in cancer of the small intestine
  16. Refined sugar may cause laryngeal cancer
  17. Refined sugar induces salt and water retention
  18. Refined sugar may contribute to mild memory loss
  19. Refined sugar can increase the risk of stomach cancer
  20. Refined sugar can be a factor in asthma

There’s another thing you need to know about refined sugar –

Sugar is addictive… DEADLY

When someone tells you they need their sugar fix, they really mean it Studies show that refined sugar depletes zinc in your body which dulls your sense of taste so you need more and more sugar to satisfy your craving for sweets

Belly Fat Gone- How?


Are you dreaming a belly like this one?

To lose belly fat choose natural carbohydrates which are non-processed. Carbohydrates that are easier to digest are not recommended. They hamper weight loss and can lead to weight gain. They are known to promote heart disease and sometimes diabetes.

Take little amounts of trans and saturated fats.  It is even better to avoid them completely in your diet plan. These two tend to increase cholesterol levels in the body which increases the risk of heart diseases. Instead take monounsaturated or poly saturated fats. The good fats can be found in avocadoes, pumpkins, sunflower seeds and olive oil.

Fatty parts of meat contain high amounts of saturated fats. They should be avoided and instead go for lean meat. Skinless poultry and fish are good sources of lean proteins. Proteins aid in tissue repair, important in growth of muscle cells and assists immune function.

One misconception many people tend to have is that doing sit-ups and planks can assist them lose belly fat. This only strengthens the abdominal muscles.  Diet plans to lose belly fat should be aimed and at reducing fat content in the whole body.

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Enjoying Yoga to Live Healthy Aging

Yoga is a sort of exercise. Yoga assists one with controlling various aspects of the body and mind. Yoga helps you to take control of your Central Nervous System (CNS) and more. Enjoying yoga on a daily scale will build you up, which you will notice changes (Good changes), such as a boosted self-esteem. Your body will feel stronger also. For more than 5000 years, people have enjoyed yoga. Yoga derived from the India nations, which many believed that the act has helped millions of American citizens take control of their body and mind. Yoga has proven to reduce stress, which promotes the nervous system helping it to stay strong.  Yoga when enjoyed on a regularly scale is a great method to help you with many pressures. Yoga combines spirituality, exercise, positive thinking, breathing and so on to help you enjoy healthy aging.

The Pros and Cons in Yoga:

Yoga is a valued practice for many people worldwide. Yoga incorporates fitness, health, gymnastics, and training in a set of rules. Yoga helps you to maintain or loose weight. Yoga is a stress reducing machine. Yoga will train your mind, since it teaches you to control your thoughts through meditation and breathing. Breathing right is essential to yoga’s creators. When you practice yoga, it keeps you in contact with your inner self. You learn to balance your mind and body, which leads to good health. Your emotions are controlled as well, which means fears, doubts, and other negative influences will not take control of your life. Rather you will have control.

As you practice yoga, you will feel comfortable with you and the people around you. The world will become yours, since you learn to communicate effectively and stop sweating the small stuff. The cons in yoga, includes that some types of yoga training is not right for everyone. Another con inside yoga is that you sometimes have to modify the workouts to benefit your body type and to withhold the workout suited for your strengths. This is not a con necessarily, but it can be if you have to figure out where beginners start. [Ref:Venus]

How to get started:

The first thing you should do is see your family doctor. Make sure you are able to enjoy the type of yoga you choose. When your doctor approves of your choice of yoga steps start out slowly. Guide your way into mediate exercising. Yoga will put you in connection with your spiritual side, so prepare to find a new you. When you first start yoga, perhaps you would benefit from joining groups that practice yoga. The group sessions may inspire you to continue your journey to healthy aging. Having support is essential for all of us, which yoga groups can become your support team. If you cannot find a group in your area, visit your local library. You can also purchase books that train you how to enjoy yoga. Videos are available as well.

Where do I go after I’ve trained in yoga?
After you have taking the steps to get started, you will need to find a quiet area that makes you feel comfortable. You want to avoid interruptions while practicing yoga.

When will I notice the change in me?
Like everything in life, you will not notice a change in you right away. It takes time to notice or feel the changes. If you do this like your suppose to do on a regular basis you will see some changes gradually. Keep in mind that yoga is teaching you how to control your mind, body and emotions. Work with yoga and yoga will work with you.

Checkout some Yoga videos on Youtube

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Tips Tor Enriched Online Dating Experience

With online dating being the gizmo of current relationship, one has to know ways and means of it precisely to thrive towards attaining a good partner.  Creating an enthralling profile is as important as it being an authentic one as well.  After all first impression is the best impression. Here are some cues of how to get started in online dating.  It is advisable to get enrolled in a site with has data security and electronic privacy.

The Tao of bad as is not about being a jerk or ass!

First step would be to specify about your physical attributes.  Once done with the details like color of the eye and hair, height and weight etc., personal interests are updated. This includes the hobbies, interests, favorite sports etc. specifics like educations, how much you earn and own are also been asked for.  Once all these facts are furnished there is a freeform in which one’s personality is been apprised.

The profile should be able to recapitulate your individual unique character.  A person going through the profile should taste your sense of humor, warmth, outgoing nature and trust worthiness.  Updating a photo is not mandatory.  One should be careful enough that no personal identification numbers are posted in these sights. Contact information like phone number and address are strictly a no!

Right couple deserves right love!

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Having updated your profile, hunt for a person with same interest, chat and get to know each other, make your first move and then date.

Remember the Alamo

America remembers many great battles that represent a turning point in a conflict that helped shaped our history. We think of D-Day in World War II that turned the tide of victory toward the allies despite horrific losses. But it is a unique battle that is remembered with pride and patriotism but is also a battle that was lost and almost everybody on our side brutally killed. But that was the case in the battle for the Alamo in 1863.

The battle for the Alamo was not a conventional battle in the sense of two equally matched armies fighting back and forth to retain property. It was, to put it bluntly, a slaughter. But the brave stand of those few hundred Texans against thousands of Mexican soldiers continues to inspire us today because it was a stand against impossible odds but it was a stand that reflected the American ethic of never giving up or surrendering when there is a principle to be defended.

The siege at the Alamo actually lasted thirteen days. It began on February 23, 1863 and it was over by March 6th. It is hard to imagine today, with Mexico to our south a trusted ally of the United States but this was a battle to stop that attempts by Mexico to invade the newly forming country of the United States which was an act of war to be sure. The brave men who stood against that vast army have become American icons of bravery and the American spirit and the names listed among those killed in that fort included Davy Crocket, Jim Bowie, the commander of the unit Lieutenant Colonel William B. Travis. It was Travis that inspired his men to fight against insurmountable odds and his courage is what we celebrate whenever we say that famous rallying cry that come out of this battle which was “Remember the Alamo.” Travis wrote in a letter how he defied the Mexican attackers on the eve of the final siege.

I am besieged, by a thousand or more of the Mexicans under Santa Anna. I have sustained a continual Bombardment and cannonade for 24 hours and have not lost a man. The enemy has demanded a surrender at discretion, otherwise, the garrison are to be put to the sword, if the fort is taken. I have answered the demand with a cannon shot, and our flag still waves proudly from the walls. I shall never surrender or retreat. I am determined to sustain myself as long as possible and die like a soldier who never forgets what is due to his own honor & that of his country. Victory or Death.

It was this brave stand that actually turned the war against this invading army to the advantage of the Americans. The outrage from the slaughter of these men inspired that famous rallying cry that we remember even now centuries later when we hear those words “Remember the Alamo”. Their stand against Santa Anna gave Sam Houston the time to organize a much more potent army which went on to deliver to Santa Anna a stunning defeat at San Jacinto which was the turning point for Texas which went on from there to victory in this war.

The spirit of Texas was never the same and to this day, Texas prides itself as a people of particular courage, boldness and a unique independence that even sets them apart from the already fiercely independent American spirit. Moreover, the entire nation looks to this battle as an example of how a few good men helped deliver a victory, even if it was at the cost of their own lives. That indeed is the true spirit of patriotism.



Cookie Diet Plan-like a Childhood Dream Come True

The most difficult part for a dieter to stay in dieting circle would be lack of hunger management and craving for sweets. The concept of Cookie Diet Plan is to serve cookies to cutoff sweet craving and to keep off hunger. Cookies served in this diet are not regular cookies. They are specially prepared to suppress the hunger. It contains no preservatives or other artificial ingredients. They are palatable to eat. They contain fiber, protein (in form of amino acid) and other ingredients acting to slow down the digestion process. This will make the dieter feel full for a long time.

Cookie Diet Plan goes like replacing breakfast, lunch and snacks with diet cookies. 500 calories of cookies can be consumed in a day. This means dieter could eat 2 for breakfast, 2 for lunch and 1 more for snack. Complete nourishing meal is recommended for dinner. Dieter should eat lean protein food with fresh vegetable (either raw or steam cooked). Sea-foods, chicken and turkey breast, egg yolk, lean beef, beans and low-fat dairy are some examples of lean protein foods. Dinner meal can contribute from 300 to 1000 calories depending on the dieter’s gender, BMI and physical activity range.

Exercise is not made as compulsion in Cookie Diet Plan but is encouraged to enjoy the complete goodness benefits. Dieter can lose up to 15pounds in a month’s time. After achieving the targeted weight loss it is recommended to involve in regular physical activity. Otherwise, it would lead to risk of regaining lost weight. Good choice of food even after dieting period is necessary.

What is Coupon

Coupons are a type of discount and promotion offered by various retailers and manufacturers. The offer them to consumers in order to gain more customers. They also offer them to their current customers as a way to thank them for their loyalty. Sometimes these coupons are mailed to the person or they can be downloaded from a computer. If you are buying something online you often only need the coupon code in order to verify you have access to it.

Coupons are a great way to save money and to encourage you to buy something you may not try otherwise. The biggest type of consumer coupons are for groceries and household items. If you can save $1.00 on a particular brand of product then you will be more likely to buy it over the higher priced ones. The goal is to get you to try it in the hopes that you will continue to buy that brand in the future.

Many coupons offer you a buy one get one free deal. This means you actually get what you pay for at half price. This is a good way to save money if you know where to look. There are many places online where you can sign up for various types of coupons. All you have to do is complete a survey of your profile and they will automatically be sent to you.

It is the wise shopper that knows the real value of coupons. They extend to more than just the grocery store. You can save money on vacations, furniture, household items, movies, books, and just about anything else you can think of. With all that money you are saving you can treat yourself to something nice.

Most coupons do have an expiration date on them though. Make sure you pay close attention to this information so you won’t miss out of the opportunity. You also want to make sure you don’t end up spending money on items you find useless though. Don’t buy a product just because you have a coupon. Look for coupons that will be used for items you will normally use or that you already want to try.